Thinking this intense
Hongkong horror film
instead of a Bangkok
kung-fu action drama
is not the reason
my bladder holds
all the pressure
of a fire hydrant
and the heavy baggage
sitting on my lap
pinning my legs down
making it worse:
the harsh joke
of the typhoon rain
heard outside along
with the empty bottle
of iced tea rolling
below the seats.

15-22 July 2014
Katipunan, Quezon City
[aka my goodness, I write slower now]

Rapid Express

wanting to come home
through thin lines running current:
Transit coach arrives

and I’ve yet to know
which roads to take and where
do i depart

from the raining pasts
carrying unknown seasons—
my weathered body

is asking for yours
to hold: in earnestness
as if all it is

a rusting coupler
and coach doors agape waiting
two passengers kiss

the glass door
in confusion/frustration/exhaustion
I close my eyes

remembering fog,
the day it hid you, turning
into window dew

place me where i am most
able to turn away
at the next stop

set of doors apart, farther
farther the train sped

I made no move
to stop watching
what has already left

23-25 May 2014
with a girl who missed these exercises
and yes, I am back with more updates


I need to finish on time
so I am borrowing more
of it, or just plain stealing
because I can’t have it
at the moment, but now
I am spending it way too much
rather than just finishing
what I need to finish because
the deadline is as dead
as the brain cells in my head
and I know how you can tell
I have been working overtime
over time, and all the other
times I could have spent
more earnestly have all gone
so just keep still I need
to finish this I will just
hurry up because everything
is just so on time
when they all needed
(to finish) me.

7:26 PM
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Basta Driver, Sweet Lover

The passenger seat is empty. I cannot please
any lover, and the only ring I hold
on my finger are paper bills on
crosswise fold, not enough for a sudden
dinner date let alone small change. As I stop
nearby, they look away and find another. Love is
driving with me home, barely on boundary, but sometimes
driving me drunk more than necessary.

14 April 2014, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
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Noong maitaguyod
ang bayan, nagdagsaan
ang mga tao. Bukod
sa pagtabon ng daan,
itinayo ang lungsod,
gusali, pagawaan,

at mga monumentong
lupa ang pumapasan.
Nang hindi makontento,
humukay pa ng guwang;
binaon ang imbentong
kanal, kable, at daan.

Sinong hindi tatanim
nitong puno ng poot,
hinayang at panimdim
gayong pinalulusot
ang naghasik ng lagim
sa lupaing hinakot?

Binubungkal ko ngayon
ang mga humuhungkag
na kalamnan at buong
nilululon ang basag
na pagsigaw ng tulong.
Wala nang punsong tibag.

4-12 Abril 2014, Lungsod ng San Pedro, Laguna
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