Barangay Población II

Bihagin ang sarili sa pag-iisa. Paligiran

ng mga bambang, dingding, ladrilyo,

toresilya, kanyon, bubong. Tibagin

ang dayuhan bago makabangon. Bawat

hakbang papaloob panibagong

patibong. Sa paghila ng sangkalan

ilang bintanang titiklop. Bawat imik

ng tao po, walang nagpapapasok. May dupikal

subalit walang insensong umuusok. Walang

dalangin kundi alikabok. Kabayong umiiskape,

nakataparoro, bakal na lumalagatok. May hukay

subalit walang katabing lapida o puntod.

Ligtas dito sa hindi makitang lungsod.

12 Marso 2015
Katipunan, Lungsod Quezon

Six Degrees of Freedom: Rotation

IV. Heave

The cork bobs on the harbor
      shore, foam forming from its path
hitting the seawall. A kid picks
      it up, curious whether a bottle
is now submerged with its message
      or a father now drowns deep
in his drunkenness, spilling wine, homesick
      for another long, long year.

V. Sway

Everything is current
   affairs: palm leaves
      dry up as Ash
         Wednesday approaches,
      winds that fan the fire
         coming from the Eastern
      Pacific, the undying
   bickering of competition.

VI. Surge

The height of green moss on gray
walls: a history of a coastal
city that insists being here
even when gone, washed
dirty with sand almost alive
writing temporary obituaries
when newspapers become useless.


(8) There is a loneliness of holding
own hands because they do
not superpose. (7) The first step is

always to subscribe, not follow. (11) Acceptance
comes before a program. (12) Detecting heartbeats
is not the same as watching a green line animate.

(1) The truth of tiling lies
in asymmetry more than
tessellation. (6) The outfit

of the day is an exercise
in permutation. (4) The word
chiral is derived from

the Greek word for hands. (9) Nobody
questioned the fidelity
of pedestrian surveillance. (2) Names

afford homonyms, guess whose order
is complete. (5) The QR code must
accommodate more meaning through

more pixelation. (10) Provinces
competing for the best version
of a dish work towards making it

common. (3) Never wondered if
Hallmark had standard greeting
procedures until now.

25 January – 11 February 2015
Loyola Heights, Katipunan, Quezon City


The noose hangs on the rusted hook
as the people point to an angel falling
up to the ceiling, three-point lights dimming
until the line draws taut with music
called applause, another finale scored with knives
spelling my name in bright, red lights, love,
life and death, how am I supposed to disappear
when the curtains have long deigned to close

Nicko Reginio Caluya
DC Mostrales
9 February 2015

Jollibee Katipunan

Paliparang Pandaigdig

Halinhinang pumipintig
ang bawat hanay ng ilaw-
gabay patungong
paliparang pandaigdig.

Unti-unting humihina
ang halinghing ng elisi
ng eroplanong palapag
sa mainit na patakbuhan.

Malapit nang umambon
ng grasya sa lupaing ito.
Sa pagluwal ng mga alay
abuhing neblina ang dumumog.

28 Hulyo 2013 – 25 Enero 2015
Bonifacio Global City, Lungsod Taguig
Katipunan, Lungsod Quezon


Details now matter: what bus did you ride today, how long did it take you to go to work, who are your seatmates (who is trying to sleep while you stare at them, vice-versa), how many tickets were given to you and what colors (but will never matter with a ticket from a printer because it will always be white), how often does one see airplanes pierce through cumulus clouds or the early morning blanket of smog, how many hours were you asleep last night, how many minutes can you keep being the seatmate who isn’t sleeping, especially knowing how long it takes for the bus to exit the Skyway, now measured in terms of the album that you have just illegally downloaded but promised yourself to buy it off your salary with a big chunk of income tax taken away automatically, what cannot be heard from the bickering siblings on the other aisle, what were the promises whispered from one lover to another, how many ounces of care do you pour over to these people, how much caffeine and/or sugar have you consumed just to keep your eyes wide open during a day job, what did you do in between stopping this post for a draft and continuing a whole damn year after, what happens during an imaginary exile at 21, how it mattered only to you

22 January 2014 – 9 January 2015
future self & past self
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Katipunan, Quezon City