Today, when all pair up and the queen
of hearts takes over another heart

of a foolish boy, a change of suit
is an unforgivable treachery.

The flowers turn black and bloom
a four-of-a-kind loss: dead embers

and debris of petals, these pieces
that rise into mist into memories

into the foggy morning sky, and breathe
the death of what should be living now

parted away from the palms. Discarded
diamonds in the rough are left

to their right positions: poems dedicated
to trash cans, and songs rendered

useless to the sight of teddy bears,
movie passes, restaurant hopping,

and shopping. She smiles with a flush
redder than the blink of the camera’s eye.

This portrait of their highness, there
and she’s not the one framed

but all who fell in love
in this game played unfair.


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