Spacing Frames

Maps: Mondrian squares
Impressions: globes to specks:
Pollock universe


2 Replies to “Spacing Frames”

  1. Focus on the word “impression.” I understand what you’re trying to mean, but the words are stretched too much to carry the weight of your thoughts. Especially “universe.” Maybe an image might suffice, something we all can hold on to, like a statue, or a church. What makes a map meaningful is that it is a charting of the values (connected to places) of a person’s heart. And I am able to read the chaos underlying the structure of the map, yet for whom is this structure and chaos? Is the way you’re using colons as zooming points sufficient if the chaos and order that the reader feels seems only conceptual and not concrete? Concrete is, maybe, what this piece needs. Just like Pound, using “faces,” “bough,” “petals.” 🙂



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