A Call to Arms

It takes limbs to lift up
the telephone, and uses up
the decisive voice – that there
was no other choice but to utter
what was waging beyond what mind
controls over the heart. The sound beats
the long lines, makes it. It takes a palm to grip
firmly to the body, arms to raise, stretch out away.
Victory proclaimed as the word was said, arms curling
back to the memory of when you have first embraced her.


One thought on “A Call to Arms

  1. Bakit ang prolific mo? NGHHH

    uhh, yung sa lines 3-4 na using the decisive voice pero there was no other choice. yung pagiging decisive ba ay nanggaling sa acceptance ng “walang choice”? na parang ah ok, since wala na akong ibang choice, ito na talaga. (ahihi sorry)


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