Show of Hands


Closed first, knock
out a door, a hated face,
the anger flowing, ramming
the wall. Or just simply,
knock on the door.

Turn into grip:
turn faucets on, off,
grab by hair, collar, pull
arms closer, tear open
clothes, chips.

Resist whips,chains, canes
violating the sore body:
massage as dough, as though
kneading softly until it hardens.
Hold shaft, hold knob firmly.


Open: life lines etched around
in stone, crystal ball: fortune.

Essence: sweet, salty sweat –
shame, excitement, anxiety

Impulse: stop, clap, tap,
slap buttocks, cup breasts.

Serve, throw dishes, deal cards,
pray, pour sand. Wave hello, goodbye.

Wipe windows, push, slam doors, shut
mouth, hide face, cover body.


Curling into fists, slip into other fingers

curling into fists, constant searching, picking,

curling into scissors, clipping, clicking,
filling holes with or without gloves:

covering ears, mouth, navel, opening

the soil, its dirt, its fruits of labor: pain, hard

work. Type words, play notes, clutch bags,

hold promises, hold rings, flip off, flip

pages, riff off, point, think, press the door-

bell, approve, decline.












scratching off


sinking on







after A Commentary on the Hand (Unfinished) by dear “co-pellow” Sab Cuerva! You can check out her stuff (and a whole lotta shiznit) here.


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