If I let you know, then I will be dead tomorrow.

It is now safe to assume the latter, for entailment keeps the argument resulting to anything regardless of the premise. Either I don’t let you know or I will be dead tomorrow.

I must tell you: you don’t need to know and I won’t let you.

This man, was accused.
This man, then, defends himself.
This man, this time, was not heard of his arguments.
This man, therefore, faces charges of gross indecency.

Without any doubt or question, Snow White picked with delicate hands the apple in the basket. Snow White never opened her mouth to talk about the apple or the stranger who offered the fruits. As the mouth closes, no matter how hard it was to utter a single word, whether the taste was glorious or poisonous, there was nothing but the pure urge to slumber.

How do we know when the story is over? When will the characters die? Why do we bother to know more beyond happily ever afters? Why do we even search for endings that are happy?

He said: “I am innocent.” He was then pleaded guilty without substantial evidence. There was something missing.

A while loop is not yet terminating, and the program keeps adding the current number in a constant increment, becoming another current number, adding, adding, adding. The number is now 4294967295. Adding –

The prince charming is somewhere in the castle, perhaps in front of the mirror, taking care of himself. He must make his presence as heroic, chivalric as possible. It’s such a very bad scene when there’s messy hair, to hell I care if there were cosmetics back then aside from talcum powder.

He looks closer and closer. He kisses his reflection in the mirror.

There was a knock in the door. A servant calls it was of utmost importance. He leaves the smudges of his lips, the fog of breath, his reflection. When he arrives at the castle’s drawbridge, he sees a stranger holding a basket of apples.


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