You may have to review your recent commitments and reconsider what you can actually deliver today, for you might have promised others too much. You didn’t intend to mislead anyone; everything is just taking longer now than you expected. You may be tempted to quit, but overreacting isn’t a good idea. Take a few deep breaths, re-evaluate what is possible and let others know what they can expect from you at this time.

Horoscope, 8 September 2011

What else do I have to deliver? I am not (a) well; I carried these buckets of tears from the place where I saw the both of you, as lucky and as compatible like the horoscope.

No, this water is not a promise of life, this is a promise of drowning, of a constant cold, of fog waiting to envelop me and let me disappear. I am walking on a beaten path, uphill, rocky, nowhere.

And I don’t need help – like the martyr I am, for this life I am destined for. These buckets are the only ones patting my shoulders for consolation. For now, this is what achievement means: to walk forward and keep the water from spilling to the ground. I carry the water, and if I can’t have it all, then nobody will.

I expect nothing from anybody! I will never quit. Take that, horoscope of the day. And every horoscope from now on. I have the water, and I will be the selfish one to drink from it, to drown from it. I may not even need air to breathe. I will drink my tears.

Expect that I will die by the time you care.


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