And onto the confrontation: his face, her face, his face again, whatever the audience did not catch was not a loss, like for example, that long brown envelope containing the DNA test results, the optional white one stapled with it containing the bribe now taken by the doctor who falsified it, who thought that that day was his last, and now the consultation room becomes a mental warden, some more flashbacks about how the world of this story changed on a rainy night when a hand carried a baby clothed in white to another one, wrists adorned with a gold watch, and that tense ten-second screaming right after, the barging of the door outside, the slamming of another one shut, this time from car that zooms past the avenues past midnight past ten-wheeler trucks past the very sharp turn of the road past the weak metal railing past the cliff and another character passed, the screen filled with an exponential explosion of orange, and here it goes, the words will be spoken, after ten long minutes of exposition, his face, her face, his face: title card cue music, cue commercial about a dishwashing soap — TANGGAL LAHAT NG SEBO SA INYONG PLATO!


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