The View from the Bridge

This ink a river
controlling how story flows:
grows blooms or drowns souls

gardens underwater
mystery behind the prose
the corpse, a flower

beside molded stones
boulder slippery with dew
flooding away blood-

lust at morning light
wanes with shadows receding
from names writ in clay

perhaps seagulls’ claws
landing as flock adopted
as alphabet’s start

to picture the world
a cat stood on twos and spoke
truth that wasn’t real

as other paws reach
for jays perched on trees, catch air–
big ripple splash mists

shrouding, the marsh wisps
come to ascend at midnight
spangling nights anew

arrangement of dark
parts that fall from present stars:
unwanted characters

holding hands abreast
they wade to the river’s bed
their world, a secret

closed in narrow mouths
tales stay until clouds reclaim
streams as tears of rain.

with Deo Mostrales
12 June 2013
Cervini Hall, Ateneo de Manila University
12:45 AM – 2:02 AM


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