Rapid Express

wanting to come home
through thin lines running current:
Transit coach arrives

and I’ve yet to know
which roads to take and where
do i depart

from the raining pasts
carrying unknown seasons—
my weathered body

is asking for yours
to hold: in earnestness
as if all it is

a rusting coupler
and coach doors agape waiting
two passengers kiss

the glass door
in confusion/frustration/exhaustion
I close my eyes

remembering fog,
the day it hid you, turning
into window dew

place me where i am most
able to turn away
at the next stop

set of doors apart, farther
farther the train sped

I made no move
to stop watching
what has already left

23-25 May 2014
with a girl who missed these exercises
and yes, I am back with more updates


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