The weekend stayed in another province
cities in peripheries, several hours
of breezy, bumpy rides on top of jeepneys:
bird shit and the occasional stampede of cats
clawing on passenger’s grip and baskets of fresh
fruits bruised against a hungry child’s feet
tapping in cadences of potholes in the población
Will I eat? Will I not eat? Will I–
stop and let the smoke belch on roadside grains
as always? Consistent as the route
the weekend had Visita Iglesia and greeted neighbors
it couldn’t remember the names and instead
cue honorifics: Ale, Manong, Kuya, Manang
never dear, never love. Passing through
an hour of morning mass means tomorrow doesn’t matter
like a threat posed but never delivered.

7 November 2014

Nicko Reginio Caluya
Kat Rodriguez

Starbucks Katipunan

Another renga, another #FUNSIES


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