(8) There is a loneliness of holding
own hands because they do
not superpose. (7) The first step is

always to subscribe, not follow. (11) Acceptance
comes before a program. (12) Detecting heartbeats
is not the same as watching a green line animate.

(1) The truth of tiling lies
in asymmetry more than
tessellation. (6) The outfit

of the day is an exercise
in permutation. (4) The word
chiral is derived from

the Greek word for hands. (9) Nobody
questioned the fidelity
of pedestrian surveillance. (2) Names

afford homonyms, guess whose order
is complete. (5) The QR code must
accommodate more meaning through

more pixelation. (10) Provinces
competing for the best version
of a dish work towards making it

common. (3) Never wondered if
Hallmark had standard greeting
procedures until now.

25 January – 11 February 2015
Loyola Heights, Katipunan, Quezon City


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