Six Degrees of Freedom: Rotation

IV. Heave

The cork bobs on the harbor
      shore, foam forming from its path
hitting the seawall. A kid picks
      it up, curious whether a bottle
is now submerged with its message
      or a father now drowns deep
in his drunkenness, spilling wine, homesick
      for another long, long year.

V. Sway

Everything is current
   affairs: palm leaves
      dry up as Ash
         Wednesday approaches,
      winds that fan the fire
         coming from the Eastern
      Pacific, the undying
   bickering of competition.

VI. Surge

The height of green moss on gray
walls: a history of a coastal
city that insists being here
even when gone, washed
dirty with sand almost alive
writing temporary obituaries
when newspapers become useless.


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