After Warranty


Switches force to congest
to smaller areas. What applies
to transistors carry over

to damage: smell of overheating
metal. Rust and dust eating
what memory occupies. Neglect

hums the noisiest when there’s nothing
left to breathe. {how sinister the logic
when denied. Language dictated

to interrupt operation, stealth
mutate, too late; mutilate no retrieval
words mean trauma no recovery

cannot handle exception return;}
still, screen in luminescent blue
then, nothing now, nothing


Each year, every second
is the saddest ordinal.
Unsatisfying trophy. Cruel

repairs useless, body
returning to fragments. Every
second decays to last fast.

I become a statistic, imprecise
masquerading as unique. Error.
Raw, dead data. Between I

and my replacement:
better condition, assigned
higher value. Charge

against experience:
I was only worthy
brand new. I am programmed

to malfunction soon.

4 May 2015, 1:02 AM
from a collection


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