Manufacturing Procedures I

Let’s go. We have rehearsals. Can’t sing? Can’t dance? Here. Have these books. Know the math. Speak English. Memorize what happened in the whole damn world history. More especially this country: remember how many we are here? Well, you are off on the last three digits. Where did you read that? Practice violin, flute, guitar, piano. Can’t read notes? Then write. Grammar and spelling must be flawless. But keep it consistent and coherent. Nobody wants to read trash. You must be the best out there. But for now you won’t leave the house. Not until your report card only knows As and nothing else. O, how do you write the hexadecimal A in binary? So what’s that in octal? Simple, right? Now compare all of these sorting algorithms. What is the most efficient? What makes you think you will sleep tonight? How come you do not know how to write in Kanji yet? The resume is different from curriculum vitae. No, you won’t fill up a biodata. Disgusting. What makes you think you can get away with this? What will our neighbors say when you don’t graduate with Latin honors?  Write the most wonderful, tearjerker, viral piece of valedictory address the world has yet to see. Imagine that moment when your voice on the microphone drowns in a sea of a thousand hands applauding.


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